QUESTION: How did you develop all the ideas and design details incorporated in the Caliber Smart Anchoring System?
ANSWER: The myriad of details came about by real-world feedback and usage for the last 29 years. By listening very closely to Caliber owners we implemented many design and engineering details in this anchoring system which is unique to a Caliber LRC SEries yacht.


          Caliber owners are serious sailors. And part of serious sailing is having a serious anchoring system. We know that security on the hook, results in securing a good nights sleep. You can rest assured with the Caliber Smart Anchoring System™. From the specially designed anchor rollers, to the specially designed anchor rode lockers, we have taken care of it all.  Caliber Smart Anchoring System™ will provide you with everything you need to help you stay securely in place even during the worst storm conditions.

                    Specially designed UHMW* rollers to prevent rode jumping. Rollers are mounted on heavy duty stainless brackets with chafe protection beading welded along the edges. Note the stainless security bails to help keep the stowed anchors securely in place.  
          Heavy-duty all stainless dual anchor platform with replaceable polymer scratch preventers. Designed for ease of launching and retrieving serious sized anchors used by serious cruising sailors.  An extended platform keeps the anchor off the deck and away from accidentally impacting the hull. Super secure anti-chafe attachment point. Can be used as an emergency towing point. Or sea anchor attachment point as well as a storm anchor attachment point that is 100% chafe free. Securing low on centerline also keeps anchor tacking to a minimum.
          Custom designed and custom manufactured stainless steel mooring/anchoring chocks. That will keep anchor rode in place even during storm conditions with a heavily pitching bow.


  • Extra strong bitter end anchor rode attachment point
  • Anchors stay out on platform keeping mud off deck
  • Replaceable heavy King Starboard chain runners help prevent chain scratching
  • Extended anchor platform prevents anchor from impacting hull when raising or lowering
  • Chain lockers specially designed to help prevent chain pile up
  • Large specially designed UHMW** rollers prevent rode from jumping and chafing.
  • **Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is light weight, has a high tensile strength, is self lubricating, shatter resistant, and abrasion resistant as well.
  • Extra heavy duty mounting pad for windlass
  • Large chain lockers make washing rodes easy
  • Security bails to keep anchor and rode on rollers
  • Custom designed and manufactured closed chock system prevents rode jumping
  • Extra strong water level Chafe Free anchoring/towing/sea anchor attachment point eliminates chafe and makes for less tacking at anchor
  • Dual heavy stainless steel reinforced anchor roller holders with chafe resistant beading
From Offshore Cruising by Jim Howard, Charles J. Doane
“In hurricane conditions, chafe probably leads directly or indirectly to the loss and damage of more boats than any other cause. In recovering the ground tackle of boats that broke away from their anchors during storms, divers often find the anchor well dug in, the chain lead still secure, and the nylon line still properly attached to the chain. But the ‘boat’ end of the nylon line invariably is a frayed and ragged remanent that was cut by chafe.”