QUESTION: What would you say is the main highlight of the Caliber Smart Fuel System?
ANSWER: The main highlight of the Caliber Smart Fuel System is the ability for intelligent auto-routing of the fuel. This allows for switching of fuel delivery systems (two independent systems) with a simple flip of levers--Even while underway. As part of the new system, extra filters and a backup electric fuel pump are standard..


Seeing is Believing--Caliber Easy-View™ Tank Inspection Plates.

There is no more reliable gauge of the condition and level of fuel or water tanks than your eyes. With the LRC SEries of yachts, Caliber has incorporated clear plexiglass viewing ports so you can do just that-- View your tanks. Not only can you get an approximation of the level remaining, but also you can look inside to make sure all is right. A factor that will reassure you that you have a reliable source when you need it. When it comes time to annually polish your tanks, there is no better way than through the oversized inspection plate which is removable for this clean-out process.

  • Intelligent auto-routing of fuel allowing rapid filter selection even while underway.

  • Unprecedented fuel capacity with dual delivery system from multiple tanks.

  • Electric fuel pump backup safety fuel feed.

  • Electric fuel pump for diesel fuel polishing (filtering).

  • Vacuum gauge to monitor filter condition.

  • Three coarse fuel pre-strainers.

  • Two hi-capacity independent Racor 500 fuel filters.

  • Dual pick-up tubes in each tank for polishing and cleaning fuel.

  • Easy-View tank inspection plates.

  • Special overfill protection vent system.