The power to drive your yacht through the sea also can contribute to driving you crazy. We designed the 47LRC SEries propulsion system to help minimize vibration and noise. In an ordinary engine/shaft installation, the thrust of the propeller drives the shaft forward. In turn, this puts the direct propeller thrust against the back of the engine, loading the engine mounts, and in turns, pushes the hull forwards. With the 47LRC SEries design, we take the power of the thrust, and stop it before it reaches the engine and engine mounts.
          The thrust power is redirected to special load bearing, heavy-duty stainless steel brackets mounted against load bearing beds which are designed for the load. By transferring the thrust to these special load-bearing mounts, the engine does not have to take the lo

ad. Which in turn means the engine mounts are free to do what they were designed to do--absorb the vibration of the engine before it reaches the hull. Tests have shown this dramatically reduces the noise and vibration caused by the diesel engine. More comfort to you, less wear and tear on the engine and the mounts. What’s more, this special feature of the 47LRC SEries eliminates the worry about engine alignment as the Aquadrive unit is completely self-aligning.

Aquadrive Anti-Vibration System

More Vibration and Noise

Less Vibration and Noise

Propeller thrust is driven up against back of engine hence loading up engine mounts before they can even do their job of dampening engine vibration. Propeller thrust is driven up against load bearing bulkhead so the engine does not have to. The engine mounts are free to do their job of dampening engine vibration.

A. Aquadrive's hefty thrust bearing attaches to a stainless bracket. Mighty bearings take the thrust straight to the hull, not the engine. In addition, the propeller shaft is given much more support, leading to smoother running and less stern gear wear.
B. The two constant velocity joints allow the engine to vibrate freely thus permitting even softer engine mounts. In addition, they automatically allow for any engine misalignment so engine is self-aligning.
C. Engine mounts can be carefully chosen by Yanmar Marine. . With no forward thrust bearing on the mounts, they can be softer to dampen more engine vibration.
1. Coupling for engine attachment.

2. Flexible shaft to transfer power to engine so no alignment is ever required.

3. Special bearings purposed designed to bear thrust loads.

4. Propeller thrust load direction.

5. Stainless brackets to transfer loads from engine to load bearing beds.