Attention to detail and innovative cruising systems make Caliber's 47-foot flagship an ocean voyager of real distinction.

eorge and Mike McCreary have been building solid, sensible cruising boats in Florida for more than 20 years. With hundreds of boats out there cruising all over the world, they easily can claim to be builders who really make the cruising dream come true. They have built Caliber's reputation on the keels of capable oceangoing boats that provide owners with few surprises and engender a lot of confidence.
          They also listen closely to their owners and continually adapt their designs and their cruising systems to meet the real-world needs of real-world cruisers. The Caliber 47 LRC (Long Range Cruiser) is the company's flagship and has been created to provide cruising couple with a truly safe and fine-sailing home. This year the McCreary's took the basic 47 back to the drawing board and went through all of the design's systems with an eye to making the boat even better. The result is the new SE (Simple Elegance) series.

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